36”x 60”

Digital Photographs


人生有很多”un-touch-able”的事,觸不到的和不能觸碰的。 觸不到的是身形,不能觸碰的是人心。 看著攝影鏡頭的觀眾和看著螢光幕的我; 彼此都是相隔著某個距離,觸不到。 即使能接觸到,心還是不能被觸碰。


There are so many things that are untouchable in life, including those you are not able to touch and those you cannot touch. As we sit back, you look at the camera lens while I look at the viewfinder, a barrier which inside our heart is giving a sense of distance and isolation. So as we look at the moving crowds in the city, you will find yourself drowned in Urban Alienation