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Invisible City


Inspired by the Italian writer Calvino's novel "Invisible Cities", imagine the city in which the illusion seems to be true.  People have their own blueprints for constructing a perfect city, but in reality, apparent dreams and desires bury the truth that we can't see. I use photography to record a forgotten place, which seems to be nothing but once existed.


啟發自意大利作家卡爾維諾的小說 “看不見的城市” ,想像城市中疑幻似真的真實。人們都有自己構造完美城市的藍圖,然而在現實之中,表象的夢想和欲望都埋藏了我們看不見的真相。作品以攝影記下被遺忘的某個地方,看似虛無卻又曾經存在過。

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