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Photographer’s Plastic Surgery Experience Plan​


#Installation - 19 mirrors and transparency

#Event - Photobooth Experience


以整形外科的臨床攝影師角度出發,製造一張完美臉龐的治療 體驗。把現時流行的微針療法與傳統墨相合拼,用以提醒觀 眾,由古至今,改變臉孔都是人們想改善命運的投射。參加的 觀眾把自己的臉部對準臉譜線的過程,同時體驗了攝影時的拉 近拉遠的距離感。


From the view of Clinical Photographer in the Plastic Surgery Department, I created a face map for people to pursue a perfect face. By combining nowadays injection plan with traditional physiognomy map, I want to remind viewers that changing a person’s face is also a projection of desire which people want to change their destiny. Viewers could match their faces to the face map to experience the “change” while they could also experience the focusing and depth of field by adjusting themselves in front of the map.

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